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the scale says....

At the Flying Pig Expo on Saturday, there was a booth for Body Composition Analysis. Basically you stood on a tanita and answered a few questions, and they tried to sell you a $130 scale.

I always struggle with the "do you workout more than 10 hours a week" question. I don't measure my exercice by time, so I have to think about it. The administrator said it was basically just asking if you were athletic or not, so I said yes.

The results:
weight: 118.8 (I'd like to think this is heavy, since I was fully clothed and over-hydrating!)
% body fat: 15.5% (underfat)
% total body water: 60.5% (just over average)
muscle mass: 95.2 lbs
physique rating: 8 (on a scale of 1-9, "thin and muscular")
basal metabolic rate (calories I need at rest): 1344
metabolic age: 12
bone mass: 5.0 (below average - should be ~5.8)
visceral fat rating: 1 (on a scale of 1-12)

So overall he gave me an A+, but there was some concern about my bone mass. He suggested I do weight training, which I know I should be doing. I already tagged Melissa to help me come up with a plan. (And I picked up a book about short bike rides in Ohio that will help with cross-training)

Also, Wednesday Mom and I are going for massages, I'm going to give the deep tissue massage a try. I'm excited, I already told my Mom if it's good I hope to cry a little.

I'm trying to stay healthy and feeling good. So far things are going well for me, and I want to keep it that way!

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