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This morning I met Melissa for a bike ride. I'd been a bit concerned about what to wear and bring. I had on my Canada shirt (with the pocket in the back, because as I told Melissa, you need to have a pocket on the back of your shirt to cycle), and padded shorts beneath some longer pants. I didn't have riding gloves, although I think I may invest in some :) I carried along my cell, my car keys and a debit card, and had gatorade with me. In retrospect, I didn't have ID, which would have been a good idea.
We set out north, and rode.. and rode... and rode. Initially Melissa had suggested a half hour out, but as we got close to that, we decided to keep going. I felt good, despite some minor challenges with opening my bottle and getting it resituated while riding.
We ended up making it all the way to Worthington-Galena Rd before turning back. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, and we managed to hit 28mph heading down a short hill. Fun! Overall distance from Melissa's was just over 21 miles, and I had a bit more to make it to and from her place.

I admit, I'm an endorphin junkie. I got home, feeling envigorated, and changed my shoes and headed back out the door. As we had ridden past the Park of Roses, I had wondered what was in bloom, so I drove back there to run.

I've heard my friends talk about how hard it can be to run after riding, and now I understand. Wow, I felt sluggish! One of my calves felt "blocked" (for lack of a better word), but it loosened up pretty quickly. I felt uncordinated at first, and really during the run I kept feeling like I was working harder than I should have been. In reality, I was doing a decent clip (5 mile run: 10:07, 9:09, 8:42, 8:44, 8:15) but it never felt "easy".

I was composing this post in my head as I ran, and I came up with the analogy of drinking. They say "beer before liquor, get sicker quicker". I've always assumed this was because your body gets used to the lower alcohol content. It can manage it. Then if you switch to something stronger, it is a jolt to the system and it can't process it effectively.

During the 21 mile bike ride, my average heart rate was 135, with a max of 173. During my 5 mile run, I averaged 161, with a max of 179. I was working much harder, after my body had become accustomed to the lower exertion. Not to mention the pounding... so the run felt harder than it could have (although a 9mm average is still a decent run).

I felt good and strong at the end of the run, although I had no desire to run more :) I have a bit of a sore spot on the front of one of my toes I'll have to keep an eye on. We'll see how I feel tomorrow, as I start another week leading up to a marathon.. we'll hope today's big workout day makes me stronger!!
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